About Me

Welcome in My Site “View Notes“.

My name is M. Rahmat Hidayatullah, commonly called Rahmat.
I am student at the University of Muhammadiyah at Malang, majoring in Informatics.
I live in a house that uses 30% English, 35% Indonesian, 20% Java and 15%  Madura language.

I have two blogs, one of which is the “View Notes“, and the other is “Anonymous Students“.
I have account facebook which already can not rename it, hehe. And I have an account twitter, and I have NIM 201210370311333 at UMM
I love technology, and I could spend 24 hours in front of the laptop/pc and I am proud to be Indonesian youth, I have a motto;

Why do we fall? to learn to get up again!

Okay, that glimpse of us, if there is criticism and constructive suggestions, you can send an email to;

  • rachmat_view[at]y7mail[dot]com or
  • rachmatc0de[at]gmail[dot]com

Thanks for reading! ^^

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